TouchStone Business System (TM)

TouchStone LogoThe Cloud-Based Business Process Management System for Overwhelmed Owners and Managers

Does managing your business each day leave you exhausted? Do you believe in the idea of employee policies and procedures but don’t know how to write policies and procedures?

BDC_Logo_BLI have a solution for you. It’s called the TouchStone Business System, and it’s designed by Business Design Corporation to help business owners

  • Create, access, and update business policies and procedures
  • Create job descriptions based on the work processes each position is responsible for doing
  • Receive, review, and file employee’s reports of accomplished work

The system comes with a library of existing business policies and procedures that can be easily customized to become your company’s online operations manual.

TouchStone is the best solution I’ve seen for developing systems for your business. It not only simplifies business process improvement, it also serves as an excellent staff training manual and business operations management package.

To see TouchStone demonstrated, click Demo. If you want to explore TouchStone on your own, click Free Trial and fill out the form to have TouchStone set up for your 30-day trial.

Get Help Writing Company Policies and Procedures in TouchStone

Documenting business processes is often a daunting endeavor. But if you and your employees spend time putting out fires each week, the hidden costs to your bottom line are very likely more daunting.

I help Business Design Corporation’s own clients learn how to write policies and procedures for their businesses. As a TouchStone Systems Developer, I can help you

  • Write business operating procedures
  • Use TouchStone to assign work responsibilities
  • Enroll your employees in writing their own work policies and procedures for your review and approval

If you’re thinking a cloud-based system is overkill, but you’d still like help creating a business operating manual for your company, contact Writing Jim. I can give you some other suggestions and provide freelance technical writing skills to help you get your business policies and procedures written and used.