Freelance Policy and Procedure Writing

For samples of my policies and procedure writing, click on the links below.

Information Technology Policies and Procedures – Here is a policies and procedures document I wrote for the IT department of a now defunct staffing company. The document was created to help bring the department into compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley requirements.

Software User GuideI wrote this user guide for the employees of a now defunct staffing company. The user guide was written primarily to help field office employees use a software application that was their primary tool for managing temporary employees, clients, job orders, assignments, and temporary employee paychecks.

Software Development Life Cycle Process Flow – I created this cross-functional flowchart to illustrate the business entities and process used  to create new software releases. Having this kind of picture is invaluable for getting people to understand how a process works and helps expose problems when a process isn’t working well.