Office FireSpending Too Much Time at Work Putting Out Fires?


Get a Fire Extinguisher: A Policy and Procedure Manual

A common—often fatal—business mistake for SMB owners is to grow their company’s sales and staff before a foundational policy and procedure manual is written. Without management policies and procedure writing to refer to, employees individually do what they think they’re supposed to do and often inadvertently create confusion and mistakes. The result is managers and employees spend much of their time putting out fires and fixing mistakes.

Don’t Let the Lack of a Policies and Procedures Manual Burn your Business to the Ground

Get out of firefighting mode by writing policies and procedures to systematize your business. Don’t have enough time or technical writing skills in-house for writing procedures?

As Writing Jim, I offer freelance technical writing to San Francisco East Bay area SMB owners and managers. I can interview you and your staff, or be a fly on the wall as employees are trained to identify your current business operations and create documentation that shows current procedures and expectations.

Once the company procedures and policies around those procedures are written down, we work together to remove confusion and update the documentation to show whom should do what work, when the work should be done, and how the work should be done. With one or more of the following written policies and procedures in place, everyone in the company has a consistent reference for training and process improvement purposes.

  • Cross-Functional Process Flow charts
  • Policy and Procedure Manuals
  • Task Guides
  • Checklists
  • Scripts
  • Forms
  • General Reference Material
  • Logs
  • TouchStone Business System (TM)

Freelance Technical Writer Specializing in Writing Policy and Procedures for Business Operations

Build a solid, fire resistant foundation for your company’s growth by systematizing your business operations before added workload and staff spark damaging fires. To learn how I can help you prevent or put out costly and reputation threatening fires, contact me for a complimentary Words For Wealth consultation. You can also contact me at [email protected] or phone (925) 231-5825.