Words do have power. But only when they’re used to convey information in a way the reader understands. If the message isn’t clear, readers ignore the message. If not enough customers or employees understand the messages you’re sending, contact me for a free Words For Wealth consultation. In the consultation, I’ll

  • Learn about your writing challenges and needs
  • Suggest improvements to help your customers or employees better understand your messages
  • Offer my services for those suggestions I can help you implement and refer you to other professionals you may want to contact for additional help.

The Words For Wealth consultation is a no-obligation opportunity for you to get writing advice and to see if it might make sense for us to work together to improve your business profit through improved writing. The meeting lasts up to 60 minutes and can be done over the phone or face-to-face if you’re local to Concord, CA.

As a bonus for giving me your contact information, I’ll send you my monthly Writing Jim Intelligencer newsletter. The newsletter provides great tips which business owners and others can use to improve their own writing. Sometimes it also includes personal observations about being a business owner. If you don’t find the newsletter information helpful, simply unsubscribe.

Sign up for a free, no-obligation Words For Wealth consultation now. Let’s talk about how changing the words you use can help you change your company profits.

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