National Writing Awards Winner

I’ve had four magazine articles published in national magazines. Three were feature articles and one was a personal essay. Two of the three feature articles won  national awards.

Magazine Article – I wrote this article published in Arthritis Self-Management magazine to help knee replacement patients  recover better from the surgery. With this article I won my first national magazine award, a Merit Award from the National Health Information Awards. See for more info.

Magazine Article – Arthritis Self-Management got such good reader reviews on my knee replacement article, they accepted and published this article to help patients recover from hip replacement surgery. Lightning struck twice; I became a two-time nationally awarded writer. This article won a Silver Award from the National Health Information Awards. See the Recovering From Total Hip Replacement listing on page 9.

Magazine Article – This personal essay was published by Alert Diver magazine and encourages amateur underwater photographers like me to sometimes scuba dive without a camera. Sometimes having a camera in hand underwater, causes a diver to focus (pun intended) on hunting for great images rather than experiencing the marine environment itself.

Magazine Article – I wrote this article published in Diver magazine to explore the added scuba diving challenges caused by diving in cold water. The article is meant as a warning to divers experienced in warm water only that they are not able to dive safely in cold water without further training and experience under the watchful eye of suitably experienced, cold water divers. The article  reminds all divers they are qualified to dive safely only in the conditions they are familiar with.