Jim Driggers Head ShotWho Is Writing Jim?

Writing Jim is the writing and editing company founded by Jim Driggers.

I started Writing Jim to help improve the business success of other professionals who, like me, had been laid-off one too many times and decided to start their own businesses. I primarily work with business owners and managers in the San Francisco Bay Area’s East Bay.

Writing Jim’s Background

In my professional life I’ve been a U.S. Coast Guard yeoman, an administrative assistant, a technical writer, and now a freelance writer. One unifying constant throughout my life is using written words to effectively convey information to an audience.

For much of the last 25 years I’ve been a technical writer and editor. For me that usually meant creating software user guides or operation manuals and guides that specified my employer’s non-HR policies and procedures.

I worked in the information technology departments of two staffing companies (Westaff, Inc. and Robert Half International, Inc.), a financial company (Providian Financial Corp.), a health care company (Kaiser Permanente), and a small, short-lived tax software start-up (Hi-Tec). That variety of employers gave me a unique familiarity with a wide array of business and management styles, workflows, and people.

As a freelance writer since 2010, I’ve written award-winning articles published in national magazines and used my technical writing policy and procedure skills to help companies systematize their operations. I’ve also expanded my writing skills by studying the art of copywriting and successfully applying its techniques to help my clients gain greater revenue and better quality prospects.

I’m a member of the Tri-Valley Consultants Forum and GoRampUp!. I’m also a founding member of the Diablo Marketing Force and a past member of the Society for Technical Communication.

I live in Concord, California; scuba dive in Monterey, California with Aqua Tutus (a dive club located in Castro Valley, California); and lead the Contra Costa County chapter of RESULTS (a grassroots, volunteer advocacy organization ending absolute poverty in the U.S. and internationally).

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